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The Protocol Content Management System

11 August 2011 : The Protocol CMS is a robust, extremely user friendly commerce engine currently under development at TNG/Earthling, Inc.  It is uniquely engineered to both assist in achieving search performance, as well as protect the site from inadvertent errors that could harm ranks.  At the same time, it is a stand-alone, customizable, content management system designed to simplify the management of data driven website implementations.

Technological advantages include our unique and super-convenient "below-the-page tools."  For the first time, this feature is now available for data driven sites along with full site-wide automation which prohibits the posting of non-compliant nomenclature on tags and filenames.  Content management tools are available below every url, even for dynamic store pages.  This enables product data and store displays to be managed from the web page.  All structural optimization attributes including title tags, description meta tags, keyword meta tags, canonical tags, & filenames, are granularly addressable.

As of this writing, the basic Protocol content management system is implemented on over 25,000 sites, with many more under development.  The core notion of "cms below the page" has already proven itself in earlier generations of this code set.

The latest versions of the cms + commerce engine are demonstrated on this website.  A password is required to access the cms and the tools that manage the store and website appearance.

If you would like more information, send an email to bob at with "Protocol" in the subject line.

(The homepage photo looks out on Herring Cove, on Cape Cod in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.)

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