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Outline Of The Protocol CMS License Terms

18 August 2011:

Protocol is constantly being updated as we find features that improve performance in the search and help clients conduct business. Over the course of the next year and while under continuing development, we will license the Protocol CMS at $2,500 for an annual license, or $25,000 for an outright purchase to our Clients provided the website to which it is applied continues to be developed, maintained and managed by our team.

The core code base has been performing on thousands of live sites for many years, and while fully tested, Protocol is constantly evolving, and revisions to the code base are made on a regular basis.  Clients understand that the current implementation is always considered to be in a beta state, and that bugs may exist in any new software. 

While every effort will be made to repair all bugs and maintain a viable website implementation, Client agrees to hold TNG/Earthling, Inc. harmless for any issue related to the cms software, tools and peripheral functionality.

The code base is proprietary and may not be shared with any other party, or altered in any way.

If you intend to unlawfully distribute this software, the code is designed to present a unique profile in the form of a signature that our bots are able to detect.  We will catch you and disrupt your harmony.