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Specialized Rules For Protocol Features

To Enable Optional Unique l/r Nav On Product/Category Pages

In the "Main" tool keep this checkbox unchecked.

Then assign a specific nav from the Products, Categories, or Brands tool. 



Bring Data Onto Any Main Page

Use the include page1-inc.php, and choose a template from the page tool



Adding Product, Category, & Brands Pages To Top Nav

Use a hardcoded mega nav, or create main pages, put into the top nav and then use the redirect tool to redirect to a product, category brand page.




Adding Slideshows

Use this syntax in the content text, where the number is the id of the slideshow, created by the slideshow tool:

         (see this example)



This needs work -  Frags examples needed

Use the Frag Tool to create the frag.  Call them from the "Main" tool and the "Global" tool:

     In the "Main" tool


     In the "Global" tool



Needs to be migrated along w/ the Calendar Tool


Mobile Nav

Create a mobile nav named "mobile".  When a smartphone browser is detected, this nav will display along with a mobile rendering of the website.  The nav on this page is the example mobile nav.

See Nav Creation Tool example on