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Protocol Features : Convenience - Automation - Intuitive Tools

Convenient, Granular Control:

One of Protocol's principle advantages is granular control of all important site elements, via one primary cms integrated onto every page.  Here are some ways Protocol is unique:

- Content management system available on-page
- Control of primary navigation, per page
- Control of all tags, filenames, per page, with error checks
- Style attributes & images available for all containers

Automated Search Compliance:

Protocol has your back.  It is impossible for users to create semantic issues in those areas where they occur the most: duplicate title tags, description meta tags, or filenames. In addition Protocol checks for well formed masked filenames, and uniqueness in all the right places.

Intuitive Tool Sets:

Most functionality is easily discoverable - tools are designed to match common usage rules and common sense.  There's super easy access to the work environment - the tool opens right below the same page you're working on.  So you can see how your changes appear on your site without leaving the tools.